O365 Thursday - Pivot!

Throwback Thursday is fun but not entirely useful so I've decided to pivot. Starting next week instead of focusing squarely on a throwback item, I'm going to use this space to offer tips and tricks on how to accomplish different things using Microsoft Office 365. Some flavor of Office 365 is included with all of our plans so it should be useful for clients and visitors alike.

These days Office 365 for PC/Mac can be manually installed in about 10 minutes from the Office portal. I'm dating myself but there was a time when this is how I would install Microsoft Office 97:

No need to count... there are 46 disks there. Sometimes I reflect to get perspective when I'm frustrated that it's taking a website more than five seconds to load. It used to take almost two hours to install Office!

I look forward to next week when the Thursday content becomes more useful. If you have any specific topics that you'd like me to cover, please let me know!


P.S. I am going to miss that sweet neon 80's graphic!