Monday Morning Cup of Coffee - Concierge IT Services

If you Google the phrase "Concierge IT Services" you get a hodge podge of IT service companies and no true definition of what the phrase means. Most managed service companies offer the same basic set of services - proactive maintenance and monitoring , help desk support, etc. Some companies dub the standard offerings as a "concierge service". What I have found is that our offering is truly unique in the industry. We based our offering on the concept of concierge medicine - we accept a lesser number of clients so that we can provide a  greater level of service.  Here are some of the key aspects that define Concierge IT Services and what the phrase means to us at NeoCloud Consulting:

  1. We're all inclusive. Our plans are custom tailored to your business so that when you're quoted a price, you can be confident that is what you'll pay. We do not charge extra for any service that we provide - antivirus, backups, email, on site visits, etc. All software required for us to protect your data is included in our service pricing.
  2. We're personal. We have all of the tools to perform remote support and when it makes sense for speed of service we do so. However, we also like to come on site to work with people. Being on site not only lets us connect with our customers and better learn how we can help their business but it also lets us catch issues that might otherwise go unreported.
  3. We bring value to your business. Microsoft Office 365 is included in all of our plans. It not only provides world-class email and Microsoft Office for all devices but includes some incredibly powerful tools. We develop custom internal micro-apps that replace a lot of the paper-driven forms or processes used in your business today. We'll start detailing examples of these on upcoming Office 365 Thursdays. And all of this is included in our packages. Why include the tools if we're not going to provide the service required to use them?

This all sounds great Jay, but how can you provide these services and be everywhere at once? The truth is that we're not trying to take over the world. The beauty of our model is that we grow at a pace that is appropriate. I am personally involved with every client. We limit the number of clients that we accept and only increase that limit when we have enough trained staff to properly engage with our clients. Our mission as a company is to form long-term business relationships and become an integral part of the local Tampa business community.

If you'd like to know more about NeoCloud Consulting, our service model or how we can help you supercharge your business, contact us today!

Until next time!