Security Warning Wednesday - The April HIPAA Hammer

HHS is on a roll! In April there were two settlement agreements announced on two different sides of the spectrum. I don't think anyone was too sure how HHS was going to proceed in this arena after the appointment of Tom Price but early indications seem to be full steam ahead.

The first settlement agreement was for $31,000. Not a huge fine by OCR standards but a sizable amount of money nonetheless. The noteworthy part of this offense is that the investigation started at the Business Associate level -- not at the practice itself. However the findings at the Business Associate lead to an investigation of the practice. The reason for the settlement? The investigation found that the practice started disclosing PHI to the business associate without a Business Associate Agreement in place. The vendor was storing legacy printed medical records.

The second settlement agreement was for quite a bit more: $2,500,000. This was a more classic incident - a stolen employee laptop that contained ePHI. However, OCR really brought the hammer in this instance. The company was missing technical safeguards on the laptop. In addition, their HIPAA policies and procedures had never been finalized and were sitting in a draft status. Roger Severino, director of OCR was quoted as saying that the disregard for security was a major factor in this fine.

Moral of the stories? It's more important than ever to have finalized HIPAA policies & procedures and to have documentation that your employees have reviewed them. Be sure to have technical safeguard in place and a police for mobile laptops/devices that access ePHI. And finally, be sure to have Business Associate Agreements in place with all 3rd party vendors who access PHI. 

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