Monday Morning Cup of Coffee - SPAM Protection

Any cyber security plan worth its salt is multi-layered. Long gone are the days where an anti-virus app alone can protect you. At NeoCloud Consulting we provide at least a 7-layer protection plan for our clients. I say "at least because" as more layers become appropriate, we evaluate and implement as necessary to keep our clients safe from harm. No system is 100% effective but our best-in-class security plan allows us to protect, detect and if necessary recover from any security threat. And we have had a 100% effective rate with our clients since implementing our layered approach.

One of those layers is SPAM protection. Why is that important? Because an effective security plan must protect any avenue in which a virus, malware or ransomware can get into the network and email is one of the most prolific. We provide AppRiver's award winning SecureTide with all of our plans. SecureTide not only filters out SPAM but also allows us to filter out viruses, malware and other file types before they even get to your mailbox. We can also perform advanced functions such as preventing email from specific countries. This is an important part of malware prevention because many attacks initiate from countries from which you would otherwise not receive email.

All of the filtered email is collected in the SPAM filter and if a legitimate email is stopped, it can be released by an administrator once deemed safe. The SPAM filter also has the added benefit of caching email in the event of an email server downtime. We provide Microsoft Office 365 email boxes to all of our clients so while email downtime should never occur, it's good to know that important business email will not be lost in the event of an issue.

In closing, an effective security plan MUST contain multiple layers and it must protect all network ingress points. Email is one of the most prolific ingress points available to attackers and a quality SPAM filter should be the first line of defense against viruses, malware, ransomware and the like. It's extremely cost effective (free on one of our managed plans!) and will pay for itself many times over with just the first ransomware it prevents from infecting your network. 

If you have any questions or comments about SPAM filtering, AppRiver SecureTide or NeoCloud's 7-layer security plan, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss!