True Facts Tuesday - Earth Day Edition

FACT: Earth Day is Saturday, April 22, 2017

BONUS FACT: We only have one Earth so we'd better keep it clean!

Happy Earth Day!

In years past we've always been challenged with the right way to dispose of old computer gear. PCs, flat panel monitors, laptops, etc can't just be thrown into the regular trash so in most businesses there is a deep, dark, hidden closet bursting at the seams with old computer gear. That is until I met my friends Dell and Greg at Urban E Recycling.  They will recycle pretty much any electronic you have(no CRTs) FREE OF CHARGE and even come pick it up! Scheduling a pickup is as easy as giving them a call or filling out a form on their website. Compliance requirements? No problem! They provide certificates of destruction if needed and also have a mobile hard drive shredder to take care of data protection issues on the spot! They cover most if not all of the Greater Tampa Bay area but please contact them for specifics. BONUS: If you want to drive out to their shop they will let YOU shred your own hard drives! Stress relief at it's finest watching that machine just demolish an old hard drive. They also have NO minimums so if you have an old PC lying around or a room full of gear, contact them to reclaim that space and get it all cleared away! Did I mention that it's FREE?!

So on top of electronics recycling here are a few more tips:

  1. Develop electronic approval processes. Applications like Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Flow can be used to convert paper forms into electronic processes. This makes the processes more efficient, more convenient and and eliminate unnecessary paper usage
  2. Print using the "draft", "fast" or "efficiency" modes. This will not only print faster but save ink/toner. These modes are suitable for most print jobs unless presentation-quality output is desired. 
  3. Power Management. Set the power management feature in Windows to "Power Saver" in order to save energy. This can be easily found in Windows 8+ by typing "Power Plan" into the search bar or in the Control Panel for Windows 7.

All of the above can be done for your home or for your business. NeoCloud Consulting is dedicated to providing the most green computing possible for our clients. All of the above services are included with our managed service plans. We can even provide a monthly update to estimate how well your power consumption is doing on monitored devices month-to-month:

This allows us to measure not only the power savings but also the true dollar savings realized by adopting more efficient power practices. We have seen significant power and dollar savings simply by automating the power features of all computers at a client site.

If you have any questions or comments about recycling electronics, digitizing approval processes, printing, power management, or any of our other IT services offered in the Greater Tampa Bay area please contact us today!