Compliance services

HIPAA Compliance is a complicated marriage of policy and technology. A complete plan simply cannot be developed without your IT company and compliance officer working together to make sure that all of the required security rules are addressed. All of our plans ensure that the IT aspects are covered and we'll provide the monthly reporting needed to easily prove that your security is being maintained. We'll also help ensure that your security policies match up to the processes.

We can provide you with the tools to help simplify compliance and manage it going forward. We provide a web-based system to manage all of your policies, business associate agreements, annual reminders, employee training, attestation, and incident management. We also provide a HIPAA coach to answer any questions you may have and help along the way. And in the event of an audit we're right there along side of you to help provide whatever OCR requests.

Not sure how you're doing? Download our HIPAA Compliance Checklist or give us a call and we can help determine which plan is best suited to you.